Overwinter CA Puffers for Labor Savings

Suterra Nov 4, 2021 5:21:58 PM

This year, Suterra is encouraging California growers using Puffers to overwinter their devices in their orchards. In addition to providing extra protection for end-of-year flights, leaving Puffers up over the winter will allow growers to save money on labor. 

Leaving Suterra’s hardy, resilient Puffers up over the winter has no downsides and instead will only benefit growers by reducing the unnecessary cost of an extra crew. Instead of hiring two separate crews to take the devices down in early winter and hang up new ones in the spring, growers can save on labor and time by simply hiring one crew in the spring to pull down old Puffers and put up new ones at the same time.

This practice also allows growers to reduce their packaging material and supplies by simply reusing the hooks from the old Puffers to hang the new ones. While hooks are provided as a free add-on to any purchase of a Puffer from Suterra, the reduced materials allows growers to cut down on unnecessary waste. Suterra’s Clean Orchard Promise will also still apply to growers who overwinter and wish to recycle their Puffers in the spring.

If you have questions about overwintering and whether this applies to your orchard, contact your local Suterra representative or send us an online message using this form.